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Sometimes I want to scream Peter Mooney is not Nick. Peter plays a character named Nick. Peter’s job is to act. He is not Nick….

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Danearys “someone is going to die” Targaryen face

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make me choose chris diaz or dov epstein

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silviculturinha: "Thoughts on promo #2?"

A lot of crying. Screaming. And asdfgjklcdbdhbchb



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Anonymous: "I don't see the big deal in the promo. Andy only feels like that because Sam got shot and could possibly die. She even said as much in the first promo."

I’m sorry but this is completely wrong.

There’s no way Andy only feels like this because Sam got shot. I think this event will make her realize she loves him and never stopped.

The only reason it took something catastrophic for her to realize this is because she pushed those feelings away. For months she had to watch Sam be happy with Marlo. She didn’t know he was miserable. She didn’t know it was her he thought of a future with.

She did everything she could to move passed the pain and hurt. Seeing Sam like that made her feel like she used to. It wasn’t masked by distractions anymore.

Andy saying she couldn’t love without him is a very big deal. Its the truth. It’s not just because he got shot and those feelings will go away when he wakes up. Him getting shot made her see the truth. Everything did come back. Not because it left but because she hid them away.

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I LOVE how honest Andy is being with Dov. I can’t wait for the full conversation. I think it’s already clear where Andy’s heart is. She cannot live without Sam. I can’t wait for the two of them to see each other after he wakes up and then talk.

No more wasting time!!!

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daenerys targaryen or sansa stark & lydia martin or daenerys targaryen

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