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Name's Gina. I enjoy TV and the San Francisco Giants. Sometimes I enjoy it a little too much. Rookie Blue, Sam&Andy, Missy Peregrym, and Ben Bass appreciation blog forever.

Other shows: Bones, NCIS: LA, Suits, Psych, Chicago Fire, H50, Elementary, Doctor Who, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Rec, Community, Arrow., Sleepy Hollow, The Following, Chuck, Prison Break, Alias, Flashpoint, OTH, Friends, Smallville, The West Wing. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, J.A.G.
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Christine Booth’s bedtime story.

They met. It was fate. He knew right from the start. After a year apart, they decided to work together. As Partners. They had coffee. Eye Sex. Saved each other’s lives. Flirted and even kissed under mistletoe. Finally, he took a chance and she said no. He was heartcrushed and had to move on. Like a Greek tradgedy, she realized her mistake but it was took late. But, fate stepped in again and gave them another chance. They worked on their friendship and partnership and make a promise, that one day, when they were ready, they’d try to be together. That pesky little thing again, called fate, stepped in again and decided the fangirls had waited long enough. After a night of passion and comfort and love, BAM, MAMA Bones.         


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