Bones continues to break new ground with every episode. Think about it. In the past 60+ years of television, we’ve had crime fighters, male and female, single and married, some even with kids playing a significant role (for example, 24 and The Shield). But Bones is now on the way to doing it all, and more with each episode.

For most of the series, Bones revolved around a deeply flirtatious, star crossed couple. At the end last season, Bones got pregnant. At the end of last week’s episode, Bones and Booth had their baby - Christine. This week, we get to see Bones and Booth at home with the baby, and attempting to wrap their previous and continuing professional lives around Christine.

It can’t be an easy thing. Bones and Booth both work in the most demanding jobs imaginable. Though the humor in them and all around them leavens this, their work is no less life-and-death demanding. Can they sustain this work and be the wonderful parents we know them to be?

In one sense, this is a metaphor for all parents. But it’s also very real and literal for Bones and Booth. In episode 7.8, they leave Christine in good hands for the day. Like all parents, Bones and Booth wonder if Christine will be ok? Each, in their own way, are distracted by this as they nonetheless give their all and crack the case.

The real question, of course, is not whether Christine be ok, but will Bones and Booth? In the excellent last scene, Bones does not want to stop holding Christine sweetly asleep in her arms. She’s missed her baby, apart from her all day. Booth asks if maybe Bones should stay home longer with Christine. Bones answers that it won’t be easy, but she wants to continue working as well as being a mother.

So the stage continues to be set for the quintessential 21st century family. Who would have ever imagined that Bones would become a tableau for the best of family values. In an ideal world, we might get to follow this family until Christine became an adult. As it is, we’ll have to do well with just a couple of years.

Paul Levinson


This is so perfect. I just can’t.

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